About Cameron Resch, CFP, CIM, FMA, FCSI

Cameron Resch - Resch Financial Consulting

I have over 25 years of extensive financial services experience, specializing in health & life insurance along with investment management for individuals & businesses.    

My numerous professional credentials attest to my commitment to maintaining an ongoing higher level of financial industry knowledge.     

•  Certified Financial Planner (CFP)
•  Canadian Investment Manager (CIM)
•  Financial Management Advisor (FMA)
•  Fellow Of The Canadian Securities Institute (FCSI)

My passion for delivering highly personalized client caring is the cornerstone of my personal beliefs and values.

Please feel welcome to contact me as I am here to help.     


You will spend many years working.

One day you will need to retire with a good income generated from your accumulated investments. Retirement planning is never finished. You will need to manage your investments carefully to maximize their return through life's various stages as you move closer to, and during, retirement.

Through good markets and volatile markets, we help individuals, families, and business owners with their financial needs. We realize one program doesn’t fit all investor needs, so we will take into consideration your changing goals—for example, if you have other short-term needs, we will help you tailor an investment plan to suit your specific goals.

We can help you to re-evaluate your investment strategy and advise you as we develop a balanced plan that is best suited to your overall investment needs. Retirement planning must ensure the best use of capital with minimization of tax during the investment growth stages, as well as during the period when you will depend on your investments to create wealth as it transfers to income.


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